Jewellery Care

5 Tips on How to Take Care of Jewellery

Keep it Clean

One of the best tips in learning how to keep jewellery looking its best is to keep your stuff clean. Whether it’s a ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings, exposing them to lotion, perfume, oil, water or any harsh chemicals is a recipe for destruction. Be sure to always take off your jewellery before you apply lotion or perfume or expose it to any water.

Give it a Break

This next jewellery tip encourages you to give your fashion jewellery pieces a break every now and then. Most fashion jewellery isn’t meant to be worn on a daily basis. Therefore, if you do wear them very frequently, you might notice discolouration. Costume jewellery will also look better and last longer if you wear it only on occasion. 

Bag it Up

How do you store your costume jewellery? Do you keep it in a jewellery box or perhaps you have a drawer full of accessories? I was never aware of this, but the best way to prevent tarnishing, chipping, tangling and damage is by storing your fashion jewellery in a soft pouch. Jewellery boxes come in at a close second, but storing the pieces individually in a bag is the best way to prevent damage. 

Take it Off

We’ve already touched on the fact that we shouldn’t wear our costume jewellery on a daily basis, but I also want to remind you to take it off at the end of the day. Think of it like makeup, you never want to go to sleep with it on. Sleeping with your jewellery on is a sure way to damage it or even break it. In addition to damaging your piece, sleeping with your jewellery on can also scratch or discolour your skin.

Clean after Wearing

Another costume jewellery tip to consider is to clean your jewellery after each wear. It might seem like a hassle after a long day, but it can make a huge difference in the way it looks and how long it lasts. There’s always the possibility that you got soap, lotion, oil from your skin or some type of chemical on your jewellery while you wore it, so don’t put it away before you get the chance to clean it or at least wipe it down with a soft cloth. Also, make sure your jewellery is completely dry before you put it away!

Jewellery Care FAQs

Q1: What’s the difference between jewellery and fashion jewellery?

Jewellery - also referred as fine jewellery, is usually made of precious metal, natural gemstones, pearls, or diamonds. Fine jewellery is normally of high price point and expect to last for decades;
Fashion jewellery - also referred as costume jewellery, is usually made of metal like alloy with plating, stainless steel, or silver, with settings of semi-precious stones and artificial crystal/diamonds. Fashion jewellery tends to come at affordable price points yet with better varieties of materials and designs to suit your daily changing dressing styles.
All jewellery items retailed at KIMOJ outlets are fashion jewellery except those specifically stated otherwise.

Q2: What are the materials KIMOJ fashion jewellery made of?

KIMOJ’s fashion jewellery is made of alloy with rhodium/gold/white gold plating, 925 silver, surgical stainless steel - depends on the styles and collections.

Q3: Does KIMOJ’s fashion jewellery cause skin allergy?

KIMOJ’s fashion jewellery only uses nickel-free hypoallergenic materials. However, they were rare instances that some people still get allergy with hypoallergenic materials, or even with solid gold/silver jewellery. If you experience symptoms such as itching or redness of the skin, stop wearing it and consult a doctor.

Q4: How long is the lifespan of KIMOJ’s fashion jewellery?

Fashion jewellery’s lifespan is determined by the item’s craftsmanship, coating quality and how well it’s maintained by the owner. KIMOJ is particular about its product’s quality, its fashion jewellery pieces generally last for 2-5 years on average for best appearance. Some pieces can last up to 8 years if well maintained.

Q5: Can I wear my fashion jewellery while having shower or swimming?

Not advisable. We should avoid direct expose to water and keep your fashion jewellery clean and dry. Chemicals in soap and shampoo will also damage the jewellery coating.

Q6: Besides water, what else should I avoid direct contact of?

You should avoid direct contact of perfume, lotion, oil and other harsh chemicals which will destroy the coating of the fashion jewellery and shorten its lifespan. Simply take your fashion jewellery off before you apply perfume, lotion or expose it to any water.

Q7: Can I wear my fashion jewellery while I sleep at night?

Think of it like makeup, you never want to go to sleep with it on. Sleeping with your jewellery on is a sure way to damage or even break it. We suggest you take it off at the end of the day, you may also wish to go for different styles of fashion jewellery on the next day.

Q8: How do I clean my fashion jewellery?

Never wash it as what we do to fine jewellery. After wearing your fashion jewellery, you simply need to wipe it using a piece of soft cloth (microfibre cloth recommended), make sure the jewellery is clean and dry. Do not polish fashion jewellery as it will damage the coating. 

Q9: How to store my fashion jewellery while not wearing?

Fashion jewellery is designed for occasions. When they are not being worn, in order to prevent tarnishing, chipping, tangling and damage, it’s good to store your fashion jewellery in soft pouches individually. For items you wish to keep for longer time, you may isolate them in ziplock bags with the air squeezed so they don’t get oxidised easily. Store all jewellery items at cool and dry places.